01. Advantages of studying in russia
Many international students dream to study in Europe. Lots of students have a difficulty in making choice about the country to choose for an academic career, look no further if you fall into this category as we like to recommend an obvious choice – RUSSIA. Universities in Russia have low tuition fees for international students. The intent of this article is to boost your confidence about the educational advantages studying in Russia merits.

Home to over 940 universities stretching across over 80 regions from Vladivostok through St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad with over 200 fields of studies from natural sciences to arts and over 650 subjects taught in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist, Postgraduate programs , internships and assistantships. Russia offers an excellent choice for international students looking for a home and a place of study. Russia offers more because it has become a country recognized with producing good students from fields of Chemistry, Physics, Surgery, Medicine, Engineering, Geology, Geography etc.

03.Social life
Students can get to have a wonderful social life during their stay of studies. They get to experience a mixture of Asian and European environment the country provides, it isn’t restricted to this a students from all across the world are welcome and accepted in Russia.

04.Delivery of education
Students get to acquire knowledge backed with experience in Russia, Research work and project management along with independent research supervised by lecturers are encouraged – this is a reality because Russia is recognized with innovation training and developing leaders in different works of life, Russian universities rank high in Global ranking. (For details you may make research on: Russian university ranking in World university ranking system)

Russian universities offers un-matched high level equipment in laboratories, sport centers and other university facilities are on-par with any other country in Europe. Study equipment’s and materials are considered part of learning in Russian institutions.

06.Cultural diversity
Russia is home to students across the world.Students get to live freely irrespective of ethnicity, country of origin and even religion without any obstruction to self-expression. Many students that come to Russia feel at home as though they never left home in the first place. Students get to co-exist and leave with other students from different countries.
Universities in Russia provide programs to help students adapt and acclimatize to their new home during their first year of education. These programs help students fit well into the fabric of the community and help them get established into a network of student communities.

07.Other advantages of studying in Russia include:
– Affordable education – Studying in Russia is cheap compared to other countries in Europe. Living expense is also affordable as well.
– Russian universities do not require IELTS or TOEFL in form of an entrance examination but students get to take a mandatory one year education in Russian language. This is an advantage in future since Russian is spoken by over 240 million people worldwide and over 9 million foreigners speak Russian language.Preparatory courses are made available to teach international students and within a year students can enroll in state funded institutions. All of this is free of charge. Make the right choose today – Choose Russia as your destination for your post secondary education today.
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